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About me

I’m Berdradi, a Berlin-based Portuguese painter whose passion for the arts ranges back a quarter-century. I started to explore sculpting, drawing, painting and experimenting with different media at the age of six. Animals and nature have been ever-present in my life given that I practiced equestrian showjumping for 14 years and have henceforth served as the source of inspiration to many of my creations.


Just as I was offered the opportunity for a professional showjumping career, my family insisted I pursue a ‘real’ career (which to them meant being a lawyer, doctor or studying management); I eventually succumbed and pursued a degree in management and did a couple internships in the financial services industry. Unsurprisingly enough I eventually I realized that my passion and real interests lied elsewhere and throughout this period I continued to paint as a means to express myself and decided to pursue my love for the arts on a full-time basis after relocating to Germany in early 2019.


As I did not attend any ‘formal’ studies or degree, I found myself experimenting (and struggling) to find my style and identify the kind of art I wished to make; that said, it also provided me with the opportunity and freedom to create art as I saw it. At this stage I have developed four styles that also reflect themselves in my different painting series, namely: The Fantastical, Windows, Mumbo jumbo and Jungly. My art – irrespective of style – is home to vibrant colors and positive energy and ranges from the abstract, figurative to the naïve.

I like to believe that my art can make live extremely joyful and can have a huge effect on your mood.


Thanks for visiting!

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