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Fantastical Series

The fantastical series represents the strange and wonderful; every painting reflects a different emotional state. Spontaneity is ever-present and all paintings of this series emerged organically – I had no masterplan when my paintbrush first hit the blank canvasses and I let my emotions and feelings guide me. The shapes are free of limitations. The colors vibrant. The art is meant to remind you of something out of a story and above all evoke positive emotions and joy.

DSC00878 (1).jpeg


Welcome to the Jungle Series, where the vivid beauty of wildlife takes center stage. These mixed-media artworks burst with vibrant colors, intricate details, and a deep appreciation for the wonders of the natural world. Each piece showcases a tapestry of media, from the tactile allure of paper to the shimmering elegance of gold leaf and sequins, all woven together to celebrate the vibrant life of the jungle. Explore this collection and immerse yourself in the wild, where every stroke of paint breathes life into the heart of the jungle.

DSC00850 (1).jpeg


Explore the Golden Series, a majestic tribute to the animal kingdom and the essence of nature itself. These artworks, adorned with lustrous acrylic paint and gleaming gold leaf, echo the opulent style of Gustav Klimt. While some pieces pay homage to individual animals, others embrace abstraction, capturing the boundless beauty of nature in resplendent golden hues.This series brings together figurative and naive styles giving life to various imaginative jungle scenes.


Other Projects

Beyond series, Berdradi thrives on artistic diversity. From custom commission works tailored to your unique vision to grand-scale murals that transform spaces, every project is a canvas for boundless creativity. Explore intricate paper works that demonstrate his mastery of the medium. 

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