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Fantastical Series

The fantastical series represents the strange and wonderful; every painting reflects a different emotional state. Spontaneity is ever-present and all paintings of this series emerged organically – I had no masterplan when my paintbrush first hit the blank canvasses and I let my emotions and feelings guide me. The shapes are free of limitations. The colors vibrant. The art is meant to remind you of something out of a story and above all evoke positive emotions and joy.


Window Series

This series may look more traditional at first sight, yet it is anything but given the principal theme of this series; similar to how windows provide buildings with light and air, the windows in my paintings offer admission to an alternate reality. That reality remains unbound from conventions and can offer an escape from everyday life.

IMG_7941 2.heic

Into the Junlge

This series brings together figurative and naive styles giving life to various imaginative jungle scenes.

Different layers of colors and foliage give depth and life to the paintings. The bright colors are meant to energize and transpose the essence of the jungle.


Mumbo Jumbo

My creations in this series are best described as (pseudo-)naïve art that is characterized by a childlike simplicity and frankness. It is meant to reflect the desire to recover an idealized past in which humans had been at one with nature. Playful feelings are meant to be invoked.

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